Karl Bösmann " Zirkumflex " by FdW

The Verato Project, a side-line of Suggestion Records comes up with two new releases, and both show Verato's love of an extraordinary package. Karl Bösmann's release comes in a black cloth envelop with a heavy painted stones and separate cards. We came across the music of Karl Bösmann before, when we reviewed his 'Das Kind In Der Küche' on Tosom (see Vital Weekly 461). His new release moves away from the slightly percussive release of before into a more darkly and densely layered form of music. Again three long pieces, of which 'For 200 Violins' is the one with sounds to be recognized. Layers and layers of violin sounds (probably 200?) make up a nice, dense violin piece. 'Cockroach Breakfast Dance', the piece after that is a much more noisier piece of music, but didn't do much for me. 'Spiel Nicht Mit Dem Zirkumflex' is the final piece and a has a Steve Reich 'Come Out' like opening, but evolves slowly into a stuttering pieces of varying organ like sounds and voices dropping in and out in a likewise stuttering way. Highly minimal, and reminded me to the mid-80s pieces of Nicolas Collins. The second piece could have been easily dropped but the other two are quite alright.